Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr

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Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr

      Rejoicing is inculcated in Man's nature. Through it, a Muslim alleviates the fatigue of his journey. With it, he renews the life cells that have been dissolved in niche of worshipping and wayfaring to Allah, Most High.

      One who fasts Ramadan has two occasions of getting glad: when he takes breakfast; and when he meets his Lord, Almighty. The Eid is the day of grand joy and happy sentiments. Sentimental sympathy, which is the core of Islam, necessitates forwarding our congratulations and blessings.

      All Muslims are now breaking their fasting, whereas Gaza is still fasting in the sense of not rejoicing peace.

      A Muslim is bestowed with an answered invocation at his breakfast. Let us raise the supplication that Allah may endow the Palestinians in particular and Muslim World in general with peace, victory and good heath.

      We offer sincere congratulations- Happy Eid.